2017. december 07.

Media for Talents Awards Granted for the 6th Time

The winners of this year’s „Media for Talents Award” were selected out of more than 280 applicants: among the best of the four categories are the „Magyar Nemzet Magazine”, RTL Hungary, M4 Sport, Women’s’ Magazine and Kossuth Radio with their reports introducing young artists, scientists and sportsmen.

„Since then each length I swim in the training in butterfly feels as if I were there in the Duna Arena and would be swimming in that certain 100m butterfly event” – reflects Kristóf Milák, swimmer champion, on his experiences gained at the World Aquatic Championships organized in Hungary in the prize winning report of Kristóf Korsós, Balázs Zsoldos and Zoltán Kántor in the M4 Sport programme.

With the „Media for Talents Award” MOL and New Europe Foundation, supporting the young talents, have been rewarding the journalists propagating young artists, scientists and sportsmen with their articles and reports.


In the TC/video category of the „Media for Talents Award” the first prize went to Tamás Kilyén for his report in the RTL Hungary programme entitled „You don’t need to see the way, just have to go along it” about the young judo genius Norbert Fóris, born blind, who covered the El Camino trail. The winner of the radio category is Csilla Csűrös with her report „Story Orchestrated: Melinda Szegedi”, introducing the young scientist who has invented the „smart bandage”, and the product itself.

Zsófia Sashegyi, journalist of Magyar Nemzet Magazine won the first prize from among the nominees of the printed press category with her report „From the sun-stones of the Vikings to the threatening light-traps”, in which she interviews Alexandra Farkas from the Ecology Research Centre of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences, where she researches the phenomena of the atmosphere and environmental optics. Within the scope of the online applications the jury selected the writing of Ádám Szabó as the best article, a portrait of Tamás Varga under the title „Hungarian boy draws the cartoon version of „The Phantom of the Opera”, which was published in fidelio.hu.

The prizes - HUF 300.000 for the winners of each category, HUF 200.000 for the second and HUF 100.000 for the third in rank, were selected from more than 280 applicants by the jury: András Bódy, deputy editor in-chief of „Heti Válasz”, Balázs Illényi, former editor of HVG, Ilona Keresztes, editor of MTVA and Dávid Székely, editor-in-chief of M4Sport.

See the list of winners on our page: www.tehetsegesfiatalok.hu

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